DP FMEA Analyses

DP FMEA Analyses

Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors provide DP FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) which is required for any Dynamically Positioned (DP) vessel.

The FMEA, as applied to a Dynamically Positioned vessel, provides a comprehensive, systematic and documented analysis to establish any important failure modes with regard to station keeping. The DP FMEA Analyses attempts to determine any failure modes that might affect the station keeping as a whole and cause a position loss.

The DP FMEA Analyses includes:

  • Dynamically Positioned (DP) Control System
  • DP PRS (Position Reference System)
  • Power Management and Distribution
  • Thrusters and Propulsion Systems
  • Human Factors

The DP system onboard vessels includes all components required to support and keep the vessel on position. Each of these components are covered in the DP FMEA Analyses provided by Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors.