DP FMEA Annual Trials

DP FMEA Annual Trials

Annual dynamic positioning trials for dynamically positioned vessels known as DP FMEA Annual Trials can be carried out by Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors as part of our Dynamic Positioning services.

IMO (International Maritime Organization) DP Guidelines state:

“Annual survey should be carried out within three months before or after each anniversary date of the initial survey. The annual survey should ensure that the DP-system has been maintained in accordance with applicable parts of the guidelines and is in good working order. Further an annual test of all important systems and components should be carried out to document the ability of the DP-vessel to keep position after single failures associated with the assigned equipment class.

The type of test carried out and results should be documented in the FSVAD.” Flag State Verification and Acceptance Document (FSVAD).

Global Marine Consultants and Surveyors provide DP FMEA Annual Trials Internationally – our experienced team of skilled marine consultants and surveyors carry out professional and efficient trials.